K.Tracker - An open webtorrent tracker project

K.Tracker is a webtorrent tracker free for anyone to use. You don't need to register, upload or index a torrent anywhere, all you have to do is to include the K.Tracker tracker URL in your torrent.

How does it work?

When you create a torrent file the application will ask you for a tracker address, then simply type in K.Tracker tracker URL:




Are there other open webtorrent trackers?

Yes! We encourage you to use multiple trackers, this will increase your torrents accessibility. ╬▓Torrent and Fastcast are another free, no strings attached, set of webtorrent trackers.

trackers_best (20 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_best.txt

trackers_all (83 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all.txt

trackers_all_udp (43 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all_udp.txt

trackers_all_http (31 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all_http.txt

trackers_all_https (9 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all_https.txt

trackers_all_ws (3 trackers) => https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ngosang/trackerslist/master/trackers_all_ws.txt

I already have .torrent files, how can I add your tracker?

You mentioned donations, how can I help?


Something's broken, the tracker doesn't work, what should I do?

First off wait 6 hours, if it's something big we will already have it fixed by then, if we haven't, open an issue at our Github Repo, and report what IP you are trying to connect from, if you can ping the server, and if you know what a traceroute is, include one in the issue.